What is SSL (Secure Socket Layer)?
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SSL (Secure Socket Layers) is a network protocol to enable protected and encrypted communication between web servers and browsers.

Why is SSL important to my website?

  • SSL ensures user data privacy. SSL makes sure that any data transferred between clients and websites are protected and unreadable. Sensitive data such as credit cards, payment details, and any personal information would be safeguarded as they are transferred through the Internet. Without security measures such as SSL, sensitive or personal information is exposed while they are being transmitted all over the web. 
  • SSL authenticates websites and develops users’ trust. Unsecured websites have “Not Secure” signs at the start of their URLs, this means that any data sent within the website can be stolen or modified. But with SSL, your website will have a padlock symbol in your URL and will begin with “https://“ instead of “http://” which implies that your website has a secure connection.
  • SSL prevents cyber attacks. SSL hides information through a secret code which reduces the risk of cyber attacks—SSL stops hackers from deciphering sent information. With that, hackers can not decrypt sent information even if they were able to access them. Moreover, authenticated websites prevent users from being deceived by fake websites that copy your web.

A secure connection is essential for a reliable website. And we, at David Web Services, offer free SSL certificates in our packages to establish a protected, encrypted, and concealed environment for your website.

By: Neo M. David | February 7, 2023

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